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Jeff                     Mutt
we feed our babies Royal Canin
Dog Food for Small-Breed Dogs     (up to 20 lbs. at adulthood)
  from 2 to 10 Months of Age

                       Please email me or call
       Thank You Donna and the Dazzling Yorkies
                          Phone ~ 704~865~4689
               All of Our babies are  AKC limited registration 
  No puppy is considered reserved until Holding fee is received.
              email or call to ask about our Puppies.
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      $300 non refundable Holding Fee will hold a puppy until it is ready to go.
                                 I give a 1 year health guarantee.
                                PRICES ARE FOR PET ONLY!
                                           NO BREEDING!
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On Puppies that are ready to go.

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   Rosie / Kashi babies are here.
4 Little boys born on April 13, 2016
Boy 1,   4.2 oz's
Boy 2,   5.3 oz's
Boy 3,   5.0 oz's
Boy 4,  4.3 oz's
Boy 1, 5 wks. 15.1 oz's     $1200 
Boy 2, 5 wks. 1lb 1.7 oz's     $1200
Boy 3, 5 wks. 15.8 oz's       $1200
Boy 4, 5 wks. 10.1 oz's      $1200 SOLD
Birth weight
3 Weeks Old
4.5 Weeks Old