We have Yorkie Puppies for sale in NC. Dazzling (Yorkies) Yorkshire Terriers
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Bringing a dog into your home and your life is a major decision. 

   It brings with it responsibility and commitment, but it also renders supreme joy, laughter, and sadly, but inevitably, tears. 

      Not one of us who has ever shared our life with a Dog 
                     would not have it any other way
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Please NOTE  :We are NOT "Dazzlin Yorkies". We are DAZZLING' Yorkies. There is a"G" on the end 
of our kennel name and we are in NO WAY OR FORM Affiliated with Dazzlin Yorkies of Tennessee.

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Going Out of Business

 Check the Girls page for females that are for sale. 

These Yorkies can go with Full Breeding Rights or pets. Pet Prices will be $300 Cheaper then the list price is unless other wise mentioned .
 Please email me or call
  Thank You Donna and the Dazzling Yorkies
    Phone ~ 704~865~4689
$75 for 10 panel play yard 34” high
5 puppy pads 25x33 make offer.